1)Se presenter :

Hello my name is Gwendoline Lestriez ! I was born on the 1 february of two thousand and one . I live in Seclin  , I am French  .I'm thirteen years old . We are ten in my family , I have three sister and four brother .I have 3 fish

2)Se caracteriser :

I am extremely jealous . I am quite talkative . I am not very clumsy .I am very courageous .I am a little clever . I am a bit shy . I am not selfish at all 

3)Caracteriser un ami :

My friend is not boring at all . My friend is very jealous . My friend a little gallant . My friend a extremely talkative . My friend quite messy . My friend not very lazy 

.4)Vous comparez a votre amie :

-I am more romantic than Oceane . - I'm more clumsy  than Oceane. - Oceane is less jealous than me - I am less talkative than Oceane - I am shier than Oceane - I am less curious than Oceane - I am less absent-minded than Oceane

5) Les gouts / Verbes : 

I can't stand running , I like swimming very much , I don't mind meating , I hate going to the dentist , I'm cazy about sunbathing , I don't like at all playing football , I enjoy eating candy , I don't really like getting up early 

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